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Saturday, 23 August 2014

#3London Loves | First Date Idea: The Boy Who Climbed Out of his Face

Shunt The Boy Who Climbed Out of his Face Review

So you're going on a date and have no idea where to take him/her? You want somewhere a little off the cards, something will make you look like you are a cool, quirky but fun person? Then I may have the best date location for you!

I literally stumbled on this place on a date of my own and having heard about the performing group Shunt 5 years previously I knew we had to go. Shunt are a group that perform immersive theatre, meaning you become a part of the act. The performance name The Boy Who Climbed Out of his Face has absolutely no relevance to what you will see, but that is the whole part of the fun!

We walked towards the Jetty in North Greenwich where we could see a group of shipping containers sticking out onto the Thames and covered in fairy lights. There is loud music playing and lots of trendy looking people milling about. There is a place to get a drink and some food before your number is called and you enter the maze of crates. The atmosphere of the place makes you feel like the coolest, non cool person ever. GREAT!

The performance takes part inside the shipping containers and I must warn you that if you like theatre with a plot and story line this is not for you. Expect hilarious awkwardness and leaving 45mins later wondering what the hell just happened and why. I don't want to ruin any of the actual performance because the expectation is a part of the sensory overload. But you also have to take your shoes off! 

Shunt The Boy Who Climbed Out of his Face Review

Shunt The Boy Who Climbed Out of his Face Review

Shunt The Boy Who Climbed Out of his Face Review

Why I think this is a great place for a date? Well, you will look like you know about these wacky, cool and trendy places. If, like me, you aren't on the cool side of the fence this place will help you fake it. You will both be made to feel awkward making it all equal on the nerves front, but you will have a hilarious experience to talk about afterwards and there is also a bar to get drunk in at the end! What is not to love? 

It is on until 27th September and tickets are a bargain at £10! It will be the best £10 you spend!!

Have you been? Or if you go on your first date here, how did it go?

Stay beautiful

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  1. Omg this sounds hilarious! I've gotta get some tickets for boyf and I, thanks for the recommendation!

    Glad Beth put us both as her #FF, I love discovering new blogs :) Looking forward to getting to know ya more sweet!

    Vicky xx
    Lots of Love, Me.

    1. Hey Vicky! It is actually so fun! You should go and let me know what you think.

      Beth is so sweet, I am finding more blogs with her all the time! Glad we found each other :) xx