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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Banishing Chapped Lips with Blistex

Healing Chapped Lips - Blistex

I have been battling with dry lips for a couple of weeks now. With the constantly shifting weather my skin really doesn't know what's going on, dry to oily in the matter of hours. Such a pain!! I think I may have found the answer to all my wowes.

Healing Chapped Lips - BlistexThe Blistex Intensive Moisturiser* has been my day to day go to lip product. The tip is angled so that it hugs the lips giving maximum coverage. The cream itself isn't too thick or gloopy like some lip balms, it almost has a watery consistency. It contains Shea Butter that you can really feel working some voodoo magic. It gives a weird tingling sensation that soothed my red, sore lips and provided an almost instant relief.  Pure heaven! The Blistex Intensive Moisturiser also has a handy SPF10, perfect for protecting your puckka on skiing holidays!

We have all been there. You have a sonking cold you can't shift and you're having to breath through your mouth constantly because your nose feels like you have cotton wool stuffed up there. Resulting on your lips being dryer than a desert and you are desperate for people not to make you laugh for fear of them splitting. I will be reaching for the Blistex Relief Cream* on such occasions. This product is medicated and smells really minty. When I first opened the tube it squirted all over the place, so watch out for that! But I really like the texture of the lip balm, It may not be suitable for every day but I love that I have something to use in times of emergency. I am starting another course of Roacutane, which will intensely dry my lips out so the Blistex Relief Cream will be a god send!

Plus both products are under £3.00!!! Bargain!

Are there any lip balms you recommend for dry lips?

Stay beautiful

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