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Friday, 11 July 2014

Rapunzel's secret colourist: LGD Twist Hair Salon Review - Cardiff

Taking a trip to Cardiff or are you a welsh lady?? Then this post is for you!

Pre warning: This post contains no makeup selfies!! 

I am very particular about my hair. It is a love affair I have strung out for some 10 years. Having mousey hair that was neither brown nor blonde I begged my mum until I was blue in the face to let me have highlights for my school prom. I turned up all podgy and wedged into a tacky Jane Morgan dress but my hair was a hit. Since then I haven't looked back. 

I have constantly changed from platinum blonde, during my student days, to a more demure natural blonde in my now late 20s, apparently I needed to grow up. But through out this constant change of colour there has only ever been one hair stylist, apart from when I once cheated and visited Toni & Guy.

But Janine knows hair better than any Toni and Guy colourist and every time she gets it right. She knows what colour I am after without getting her little book of hair swatches out and I always leave loving my new do. Last year she opened a small salon, LGD Twist, in the heart of Cardiff to teach the new generation of stylists and colourists the ropes and I want to share it with you.

As I am writing this I am sat with delicate foils threaded through my hair with the same excitement I have done for the last 10 years. You are provided with a constant supply of tea and the occasional cheeky doughnut in a relaxed environment. Unlike the larger salons LGD Twist is small and more intimate, it feels like a family run establishment where clients are friends and there is the obvious lack of blasting hairdryers and people shouting – often got from larger chains.

This is my little secret that I want to share with you, so much so that every 8weeks I get on a train to come back to Cardiff just to have my hair done. The best part is the price! To have the owner, Janine, work her magic on your hair it is £45.00….yes fall off your chair, its that good! This is for a FULL HEAD of highlights mind. You heard right! In Toni & Guy I paid over £130 for exactly the same thing. LGD Twist also run special offers, recently you could get a full head on a Thursday for just £30! Don’t be fooled by the price, the service is top notch, the colours are the same as the pricey salons and the finish is even better!

Janine starts by using a mixture of Matrix highlights and low lights which are brushed onto the hair and sealed in foils. Once they are all in you leave them to work their stuff for 20mins and then wash the colour out. I like to have a Matrix Fiber Strong treatment on my hair every time I have highlights, constant colouring can damage the hair so keeping it in silky condition is a must – condom head!

It is slightly cheaper to have one of the stylists do your hair, if you do I recommend you ask for Jodie. She recently came third in a Welsh competition and you can see why!

Taken from Jodie's Twitter
So give them a call to book your appointment! Say Charlotte sent you, ;) to get extra cups of tea and the special biscuits!

Finished Result - added makeup

They are new to social media and I know it would mean the world to them to get a follow on Twitter!


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