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Friday, 8 August 2014

Dipping a Toe into the Ocean of Blogging

Beginners Blogging 50!

There are millions upon millions of blogs out there, we are saturated with people sharing stories and opinions on a hourly basis. What clothes to wear, what make up is worth buying or where to go for the best burger. Although my little corner of the internet was started a few years ago, it is only in the last two months that I have invested my heart into it and I am a little shy to say love it. But I never expected anyone to see it.

This last week has brought me some revelations. For a while I felt like I was writing my thoughts down to be swallowed up by the black hole of the world wide web, never to be read, never to be pondered. But I knew that my Nanna who is in her 80s, and uses the internet, reads Pixi Picks and to me that was the only follower I ever really needed. Then something magical happened. I started getting tweets, direct messages and emails from people who had stumbled on my little island, liked what they read and actually took the time to message me. Some of these people have become virtual friends, swapping stories and tips but most importantly offering support.

I have reached a little mile stone, I wish I could personally thank every person who follows my adventures.To some reaching 50 may not be a big thing, but to me that is 49 more people than I ever thought possible. So thank you, you wonderful bunch of Pixi believers for joining me and my wonderful Nanna as I start paddling in the blogging ocean. I hope we can laugh a lot together! 

As a thank you I am running a give away to win a Tom Ford Lipstick (here)

Stay beautiful

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  1. Congrats Charlie! :) I feel very similar, when I started writing on my blog I was like what's the point because there so many bloggers. But I love sharing and I get so inspired from bloggers just like you!

    xx gloria

    1. Hi Gloria, Thank you for such a lovely comment! I am so glad you enjoy reading my blog! xx

  2. Congratulations! That was the sweetest post ive read :) xx

    1. That is so nice of you to say! Thank you Lauren. xx