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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Summer Holiday Nails: Red Carpet Gel Manicure Review

Once in a blue moon I treat myself to a manicure, sometimes it is nice to indulge yourself and have someone else do it for you. But I must admit I am never quite satisfied and often think I could have done a better job if I had done it myself. I love the glossy look of Shellac and Gelish nails, there is something so refined and polished about it, it can pull an outfit together. So when I decided to invest in an at home kit I was pretty torn between which to get. Although Shellac is great I didn’t like the idea of sicking my hand under a sun bed twice a week - especially as my skin is the colour of sour milk.

Then as if fate had made my decision, ASOS had a flash sale on their beauty products and the Red Carpet Manicure System caught my eye. I purchased it, along with three extra colours and hotly anticipated its arrival.

Free: Red Carpet 
Simply Adorable 
Tinsel Town
What they say: A home version of the popular professional gel manicure available in salons. It uses the same technology and each layer is ‘cured’ under an LED lamp in as little as 30seconds. Once you have finished the application the nails will be dry and you can get on with your day.
107 Simply Adorable 
107 Simply Adorable
What I say: I decided on the colour 107 Simply Adorable. I wanted quite a neutral colour as I was going to Royal Ascot (read here) and my dress was quite bright.
The application is very quick and each stage is easy to apply. Some of the lighter colours I felt I needed to apply three coats rather than the recommended two because the colour was so thin you could see the nail underneath. But once I had cured the nails and finished with the top coat I was really chuffed with the results. Even the pale colours were vibrant and glossy with a really lovely shine. So many people have asked me about them and if I did it myself. What is really fantastic is the longevity of the polish; I can easily go two weeks without a single chip! My negative thought for this product is the price. I know that you are saving the money you would have spent getting a professional manicure, but each tiny bottle of product is nearly £13.00 each! And the kit full price will set you back a cool £90.00! On the other hand that is less than 5 months of manicures.

Final thought is that I can’t rave about this product enough. I am so pleased I invested in the kit and I can’t wait to buy some more colours for summer! 

Have you tried Red Carpet Manicures?

Stay beautiful! 

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