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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Summer Cheap Cheap: Primark Monocrome Sandals

Primark Monocrome Summer Sandals Review 1
‘I love what you are wearing today, is it from Zara’

A smug look spreads over my face ‘no it’s actually from Primark’ and then, because I want to point out what a bargain hunter I am, I often slip in ‘it was only a fiver!’ GASP!!

Often I find that people turn their nose up at places like Primark or New Look, but honestly I find the BEST things there and you would never guess they cost next to nothing. If they break I don’t mind, I will just buy another pair because they cost me less than the Zara dress that shrunk on the first wash. This was a discussion I had with one of the girls at work today when she pointed out my super cute sandals. These are perfect for summer and look perfect teamed with white jeans or a summer dress. The best part was that they only cost me £8!!!! 
Primark Monocrome Summer Sandals Review 2

Primark Monocrome Summer Sandals Review 3

Primark Monocrome Summer Sandals Review 4

You better be quick if you fancy a pair, there were girls grabbing them left, right and underneath my legs. THIS IS NOT A DRILL…GO GO GO!!!! 

Stay beautiful,

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