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Friday, 13 June 2014

#5London Loves | Meat Mission Hoxton Review

Meat Mission Hoxton Review 1
During my early years of childhood red meat was off limits. I would throw princess tantrum if my dad tried to make me eat it or if it was served at a kids party. It was never the thought of the poor cow that made the burger that put me off, I would happily scoff chicken for breakfast lunch and dinner if I could, but the smell and texture was not appealing to an eleven year old. It looked like someone had grabbed an old leather shoe, popped in between some bread and named it a burger. The dislike was so extreme that I turned down BBQ’s with friends in the fear I would have to eat it. Then two years ago I went to France and the only food on offer after a long day skiing was raw beef that you dipped in boiling oil I was not a fan, but in hoping to impress my then boyfriend I gave it a go. This was my epiphany. Gradually I have developed a taste for a good rare steak, the odd meaty sausage and, if I'm drunk, even a Mac Donald’s cheeseburger.

So when I was lured into Meat Mission in Hotxon Market I assumed I would be eating some sort of red meat and it being a treat day I decided to go all out, as you will see. When I walked into the restaurant I instantly felt I wasn't  'cool' enough to be there, the place was buzzing with business men and hipsters bellowing at each other as they ate. The waitresses and bar staff were all in casual afternoon clothes that I was often mistaking them for restaurant goers. The interior is very dark, their own Meat Transmission Radio is blasted throughout the bar and there was some woman yelling through a megaphone while someone poor man tried to eat his weight in meat.

Meat Mission Hoxton Review 2

There is an ironic religious theme that runs throughout, with a huge fake stain glass window lighting feature on the ceiling. 

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The cocktails are divine and cost around £7.50 which is a normal London price and you can also get 3 pints of cider for £11.00. 

Meat Mission Hoxton Review 4
Gin, Grape & Elderflower Cocktail

Meat Mission Hoxton Review 5
3 Pints of Cider
Rather than napkins you are given a roll of kitchen paper and you eat off a tray rather than a plate. I would not recommend going on a date here, unless you want to see the other persons face covered in burger grease and ketchup. There is no lady like way to eat a mahoosive burger.

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Meat Mission Hoxton Review 7
Meat Mission Hoxton Review 8
Peanut Butter Sundae
If you are planning on going I would make a reservation, we had to wait 40 minutes to be seated on a long table with lots of other people, the only downside. I loved this place and it is somewhere I would definitely come again, the food is delicious and reasonably priced.

Have you been to Meat Misson? What do you recommend?

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