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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Damn, that wicked witch of the west knew good shoes!

When I got the invite to the exclusive Kurt Geiger evening saying I was a tad excited is a bit of an understatement. A girlie night wouldn't be complete without a round of cosmopolitans to kick of the night of being fabulous. We headed to Covent Garden and one of my favourite stores, the shoe chandelier is something I aspire to have in my house one day. Upon entering we were greeted by immaculately dressed and simply beautiful women who offered us a glass of bubbly before ushering us into the inner sanctum of shoe worshiping.

I wandered round lightly stroking some of the shoes and feeling my purse recoil inside my bag. Taking a break from the beautiful and absorbing shoes, I moved towards the Lash Perfect Lash Bar where some women were waiting to make us beautiful. Feeling a bit rebellious I thought I would let the lady choose the La La Lashes for me. They were full and luscious, brilliant for a night out (shame I wasn't due one). You can find the Lash Bar just off Carnaby Street and is £7.50 for some falsies.

Next I decided to try on some shoes and settled on some Dorothy would have been proud of and removed them before I got burnt. Very sexy non the less. Bob tried some Christmasy little numbers which really stole the show and I urged her to give in to the KG effect.

As the night wore on and the shoe glitter made the world seem a little shinier I felt it was a good time to trust the hair bar to have a go at my barnet. I sat with my glass of bubbly and enjoyed feeling like someone special. Every girl likes to feel like a princess once in a while and for those few moments I felt like a celeb getting ready for her fans :).

Two princess' moved into the cold, wintery night and headed home to their castle rather than a night on the town. I was fun while it lasted :)

Pixie out xoxo

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