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Sunday, 11 December 2011

Take a leaf out of Cleo's book and be the queen of seduction!

Today's post was requested by a special friend of mine who is still searching for her Mr Right. Maybe this festive holiday will bring the gift she deserves. So in saying that this is her guide for the perfect date make up with a few chosen ingredients.

First we must consider the environment of said date. If it is a flirtatious lunch or in fact any situation that involves day light then it is best not to go too vampy. The come to bed, smokey eye is not a look to rock and you may end up looking like a cheap hooker searching for her next punter. So my advice is to go flirty and girly.

So once you have created your base face with a trusted foundation, try adding a thin line of black liner to your top lid, perhaps add a cat flick to the ends if you are feeling cheeky. I like to add a bit of liner to the top inside lid as this helps to give the illusion of full lashes. The best liner I have tested is Bobbi Brown's Long Wear Gel Liner (£16.50, House of Fraser) which comes in a little pot and lasts all day. I'm also a massive fan of fake eyelashes, you can't really go wrong with them. For a subtle day time look I recommend Girls With Attitude, Double Take False Lashes (£5.00, Girls With Attitude Online). These are fuller than the usual false eyelash but they look amazingly natural. I even used Emma Lashes for my graduation :). The easiest way to apply them is using tweezers and looking down in a mirror. Finish the look off with some statement lips, this will draw his eyes to them and hopefully he will want to kiss them ;). I like Topshop's Brighton Rock for its girly, soft pinks (£8.00, Topshop Online/Instore).

glamour to go false eyelashesIf you are going on a night date where there will be loads of other girls then a different approach is needed. You want to make sure his eyes are firmly glued to you and that they do not wander off. Take a leaf out of Cleopatera's papyrus book little black book of makeup. Charcoal may not be the tool of choice today but she knew a thing or two about the drama of the smoky eye. Again, not me suggesting you ladies buy some coal and rub it on your face. Instead opt for a soft eye crayon. The Topshop Eye Crayon in Equinox, which I recommended in a previous review is great for this look.  This allows you to blend into the sockets using a brush or your trusty finger. This gives a softer, sexier look and it makes your eyes smoulder. Perfect for the woman of mystery look. Don't panic if you're not a make up maestro. Most of us aren't but these little recommendations are what I personally use and if a fat fingered girl like me can do it so can you. Start buy drawing a thick line above your lashes from the inside corner to the outside. Next in the outside corner draw a small < sign following the contor of your socket bone. Once you are satisfied you look pretty stupid, buff the liner across the rest of your lid with the brush or finger. This should give the illusion of wider eyes because the inside corners should be lighter than the outside. Apply some thicker, but natural lashes to finish the look. Girls With Attitude- Glamour To Go Party Animal Lashes 002 are perfect (£5.00, Girls With Attitude Online) .  If you want to get Ito the festive season then dust Barry M Fine Glitter Dust in Black Gold (£4.59, Boots) over the eye for added sparkle. It's best to keep lip colour subtle so that your eyes are the focus point on the face.

Let me know what you think!

Stay beautiful,
Pixie out xoxo

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