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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

A little hello :)

So perhaps I should start my blog with some little points about me and about why I am starting this blog.

1. I am ridiculously  pale skinned, or as my mother calls it the 'english rose' look. Because of this I am constantly battling with my make up. Foundations are either TOWIE orange or Casper white. I usually go for the second option and often get mistaken for a goth. I am on the hunt for the perfect foundation!

2. I have fine flat hair that I can't do anything with unless I add copious amounts of cement hold hair spray. Note: this is not a good look, results in birds nest doo.

3. Mascara is the bain of my life. I am yet to encounter a decently priced one that add vavavoom without smudging and adding to my goth look. 

4. I love all things lux but I love a nice bargain even more.

By now I am sure you have a pretty odd image of a woman who just looks crap......

The reason I have started this blog is because I am the average woman. I am not a model with sexy hair, full lips and air brushed skin. I represent everyone that wants to be a princess but who isn't quite there yet and is digging for beauty treasure instead of the mythical prince frog. I will do my best to do the digging and become your lab rat.

Wish me luck.
Pixie Out xoxo

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