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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Britans Next Top Model 2011

Having not watched the show I wasn't much of an expert when it came to this years BNTM. But as it was a friends birthday it seemed like it would be a nice girly day out and an excuse to look at pretty things. Weirdly, the show was held in the same building as a comic book conference and what ensued was the strangest day out most of us had had. It was like a clash of the fashionista's and their arch enemy....nerds. I have to give it to them they went all out on their costumes with some of the ladies not wearing much at all (don't think I ever read that comic) and others feeling they had made an effort by wearing just some cat ears.

This made up much of my day. Spotting the oddest looking person and spending an hour waiting for a cash machine. The fashion show wasn't half bad either. I greatly enjoyed the half naked, oiled men that wiggled and jigged down the cat walk. But not so much so when they continuously jirated and hip thrust at the audience there are only so many shirt lifting moments one can have before it becomes embarrassing. It didn't help that I couldn't see the models either nor did I know who they were. But if the aim of the show was to make every average woman and girl in the room feel totally inadequate then they did a brilliant job.

These are my fabulous friends all looking amazing. As always I am the awkward one on the end right.

On the plus side I did get some lovely make up at a bargain price and I got to see the lovely Amy Childs looking glamorous in the not so private VIP area.

Worth £16.00, I'm not so sure....

Pixie out xoxo

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