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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Flutter them his way

Anyone that knows me knows I change my mascara like I change socks. Without this precious black liquid I look about 14, rejected when buying a lotto ticket and I can't really leave the house without it.

Recently I was invited to a Bobbi Brown make over evening and thought I should go along and gain the advice of the immaculate Bobbets who suggest products to lighten here and smooth out there. These women could sell ice to Eskimos and I left after buying so much make up in colours I will probably never use. On the other hand I did feel I had found the holly grail of the mascara world. Bobbi's No Smudge mascara is fantastic. There is no other word for it. It's great if you want to make your eye lashes fluttery and natural, rather than thick and false. Although, it can be built up if a faker look is what you want. It also does what it says on the tube, its no smudge and stays put all day....I know what you're thinking "BRILLIANT, grab my purse I'm off to House of Fraser". But hold on, there are some downsides. As fantastic as the product is its seriously difficult to remove with wipes or liquids and often I just had to leave it on, which wasn't good for the lashes. But I did find that Clinique's Take The Day Off Cleanser works a treat at getting it off. The other problem is the price. For me the size of the tube doesn't match the hefty price tag and it runs out pretty quickly. (No Smudge, £18, Clinique, £14.50)

All in all if you have money to burn then this mascara is totally fantastic and I would totally recommend it if like me your mascara smudges all the time.

This brings me onto the slightly cheaper and yet equally brilliant MAC Studio Fix mascara. I am usually not a fan of MAC's mascaras, I find they smudge and is perfect for those who love the panda look. But I like mine to stay on my lashes and not my face. It's also pretty good at making your lashes look thicker and gives a slightly more false appearance, good for nights out. It is also really good for shorter lashes and those who don't have many lashes to coat. For extra vavavoom use the MAC eye lash curlers before applying you're mascara. (Mascara, £13.50, Curler, £13.00).

Have you lovelies stumbled upon any great mascaras? I would love to know.

Pixie out xoxo

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