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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The Brush Report #1 | Real Techniques Expert Face Brush Review

I actually got this brush about 8 months ago after falling out of love with the MAC Foundation Brush and Dual Fibre Brush. I really couldn't get a streak free finish I expected and the hairs often fall out, especially after making my eyes bleed with the price tag. Are they made from unicorn hair? Answers on a post card.

So after hearing a so many other bloggers bang on their key boards about it and it costing a pocket friendly £9.99 I picked a Real Techniques Expert Face Brush up from Boots and headed off home to try it. I have also written a review on the Real Techniques Stippling Brush (here)

 What they say: Real Techniques Expert Face Brush - Look pixel-perfect even in harsh light. The synthetic fibres are ultra plush and 100% cruelty free. Ultra firm for the application and blending of cream or liquid foundation.

What I say: What I noticed from the first use is that it doesn't suck up products like so many other brushes, a little foundation went a really long way; great if your foundation cost the amount of a small house. The most annoying thing about brushes are when the black hair fall out and get stuck to my face. I spend ages trying to get them off without wiping stripes into my foundation. With this brush I am happy to report all of the hairs stayed firmly in there for a good eight months, which is amazing really. I definitely agree with them saying it is ultra firm; sometimes it makes my arm ache because I'm buffing with such little movement from the brush. The finish the Expert Face Brush gives to the foundation is actually astounding for something that costs less than a tenner! I guarantee no streaking!  I can't ever imagine not using this brush and just wish things like this had been around when I was an awkward fifteen year old applying my make up with a piece of kitchen sponge!

What brushes do you love?

Stay beautiful

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