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Monday, 29 December 2014

Getting Healthy Starts Here | Brita Fill & Go Review

Have you ever gone through a healthy moment? Most people go through a health crisis around January, after a Christmas of excess. For me my crisis came in October when I went on a juice cleanse (post here). I wanted to feel healthy and attempt at getting fit, which started with my diet. I now have a diet plan which is telling me what I should be eating and drinking and how much of each.

A new gadget I have been testing out is the Brita Fill and Go*, essentially a snazzy bottle to filter your tap water! I love this idea, as someone that buys bottled water all the time I often feel like I am being a bit of a mug - paying for something that is free from a tap. But is it me or does it just taste better if tells you it is filtered through rocks?

You pop the disk filter in the lid of the Brita Fill and Go and then just fill it up with tap water. One filter lasts about a week and you can refill the bottle when ever you fancy from the tap. I have to be honest, perhaps it is psychological but I actually think the water tastes better!

This has been really handy for me being on and off the tube or at the gym. The bottle is also quite nice to look at and comes in a few other colours. If you haven't guessed from my blog theme, I like pink. Doesn't it make me look seriously gym profesh!

Stay beautiful

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  1. I have really been trying to eat healthier and exercise more, that's definitely one of my resolutions for the new year