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Monday, 22 December 2014

15 Things I Really Want for Christmas

So I have seen a lot of Christmas gift guides this month and yeah a lot of them have things I would quite like to have. There is only so many shoes or lipsticks I can really fit in my draws and these gift guides aren't really helping me. So mum as you keep asking what I want here is a run down of some essential things my life is lacking. No pressure, you can pick any of them.

1. A phone that doesn't let me text whilst intoxicated

2. Alcohol that doesn't give me memory loss

3. In fact alcohol that doesn't give me a hang over (please buy more than 1 bottle of this)

4. Some shoes that I can dance all night in and that don't feel like a torture device or make me walk like I'm crippled

5. Some extra hours in the day for sleep or a three day weekend, either or!

6. Be able to go out more than two nights in a row (uni days are long gone mum)

7. A man with lots of money, personality and that looks like Channing Tatum. Please ensure he is suitably gift wrapped

8. An immune system, getting a bit fed up of being allergic to everything

9. A job that I can earn loads of money for and love doing, suggestions welcome

10. If you cant think of one, a money tree will do and not just a plastic desk ornament. 

11. A shampoo that means I wont have to wash my hair every morning

12. A fit body that I don't have to go to the gym for

13. Burgers and ice cream that wont make me fat

14. Something cheap and painless that would mean I would never have to shave my legs again

15. A lipstick that doesn't rub off on my teeth and leave it looking like my gums are bleeding

So there are a few things and I think a couple are doable in three days. Don't let me down mum, number 7 is particularly requested. 

What have you asked for from Santa?

Stay beautiful

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  1. Cracking up!! Alcohol and Burgers - those are going on MY list ;)



    1. hehehe sadly I didn't get any of these! Always next year! xx

  2. This is such a great post :D I would definitely like 5, 9, 12 & 14 xx

    1. Thanks! I wanted something different to a lip gloss! xx