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Thursday, 2 October 2014

#5LondonLoves | Five Guys in Covent Garden Review

God I love a good burger! Any excuse to stuff a beef patty in my mouth, I ill take it. So in true Pixi Picks spirit and the never ending quest for the perfect burger I headed down to Five Guys in Covent Garden, London. 

Now I don't like to go to places just because of the hype. I often waked past, seeing a long queue to get in and scoffed at those silly enough to wait. Yesterday luck was on our side and there wasn't much of a line, so we took our place at the front and waited to be let in by the miserable looking girl on the door. 

The principle is very similar to a fast food joint. Cashiers take your orders and you can watch the manic chefs whipping burgers in the background. The atmosphere was pretty electric and the sounds of the kitchens were almost deafening but it got me quite hyped up. I went for a Little Cheese Burger, Fries and a fountain drink. The drink fountain has so many flavour options that it took me a while to choose; Peach Sprite if you were wondering. 

Don't let the look of the meal fool you! It was pretty god damn yummy! I have to say the chips were the best part. Fried in peanut oil and left in their skins they are a sumptuous, salty mouthful that I couldn't stop munching on. My burger was a little cold, but I loved that I could choose as many extras as I liked, I may have gone a bit OTT. Also, the actual burger part was meaty and very tasty. 

My big question was, is it better then Shake Shack? And I am honestly not sure. Can I have the Five Guys fries with a Shake Shack burger? Hmmm! If you want to read what I thought of Shake Shack it's (here)

Have you been to either or both? Which was your favourite? Let me know in the comments.

Stay beautiful

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  1. A Five Guys has just opened near where I live and I'm not sure whether to try it but I probably will!

    Great review x

    1. Oh really! Go and let me know what you think! Thanks for reading :) xx