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Sunday, 26 October 2014

When Casper Met Tan | James Read Liquid Tan Review

James Read Liquid Tan Review

Some say that pale is interesting, that my skin is the epitomy of an English rose. So why do I feel the need to smother my body in brown liquid and dust my cheek bones with deep mahogany powders? It baffles me and yet I do. Now some celebrities pull pale of with such exquisite beauty that they resemble a fragile china doll. Again, sadly my skin is mottled with freckles and moles - not the cute kind!  I have tried so many different fake tans over the years and many just do not sit well on my Casper white skin. That was until I was given a sample of James Read Liquid Tan and it was love at first mitt.

The tan is VERY runny, so I would recommend applying it in the bathroom. A month ago I was left with a dubious looking brown stain on my bed from some over eager sloshing. I apply it to a mitt, my one is from Boots and costs a lovely £2.66, and with light circular motions buff the tan into the skin. What ever tan is left on the mitt, work into the face and back of hands for a lighter finish. This is a tan that you put on at night, catch some zzz and in the morning wash it off. For me one coat isn't enough to make a large difference, so if I am tanning for an event I start applying it a couple of nights before.

Tip: once you become the master of streak free application you can get away with using it as an instant tan, it develops while you are out busting your thang on the dance floor. But, note! If it rains or some over eager love suitor spills his beer down your legs the tan WILL run and you WILL look like you have had a fight with an open tea bag. Be warned!

What tan would you recommend for pale skin? Leave ideas in the comments!

Stay beautiful

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