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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Back With A Bit of Glitter: Carita Fluide De Beaute

First, this post must start with an apology. I have been so wrapped up in the world of interning in the beauty world that I have neglected my blog. Now that I am back in the realm of unemployment I can start doing what I love. 

I have so many things I want to write about, from a miracle foundation to a a drug store super mascara. Watch this space!

When I am looking for a new beauty must have I firstly look at the packaging. Something that is pleasing to the eye encourages us to buy. Marketing has a strong influence on the female psyche, meaning we like pretty things. The brand Carita is not one I had ever heard of, one of the reasons for this is the price tag. The brand is famous for its Diamond De Beaute creams, which can set you back a tidy £430 pounds and has been featured in plenty of glossies. Usually the products can be found in the bathrooms of celebrities and rich Persian women.

Carita Fluide De Beaute
At the moment the trend for hair oil doesn't look like it will be stoping any time soon. So not wanting to miss a trend I managed to get my hands on a hero product of theirs - Gold Fluide De Beaute 14. The tag line is that is nourishes very dry hair and skin leaving it supple with a golden veil.  Oooohhh (*squeel*)

Carita Fluide De Beaute
Lets start with the packaging....WOW! It is pretty b.e.a.utiful. The classic square design of the bottle does not distract from the elegant way the gold particles are separated from the oil, making a pretty french looking product. Once you shake it up and mix the oil the effect is quite impressive. It smells quite zingy and citrusy, but you do need more than a couple of drops if you are using it in your hair.

So what did I think...
Well although I love the packaging and smell, I havent found it has done much to my hair. I have been using it every day and I am yet to gain a golden veil of any kind. It's quite disappointing when a 50ml bottle costs £27.00. I will be keeping it in my bathroom cabinate though, I think it makes me look tres chic!

If you want to try it you can buy it here....CARITA

Stay beautiful


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