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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Luxury Skincare | Luna Sleeping Night Oil Review

Sunday Riley Luna Oil Review
When it comes to my skin I am seriously picky. Having suffered from acne most of my life I am terrified of causing any flare ups at all and for a while I wouldn't move from my safe little zone with Clinique. Then I started my new job with Sunday Riley and her inspirational words of skin wisdom coaxed me out of my acne black hole with one little word....Luna. 
Sunday Riley Luna Oil Review
Sunday Riley Luna Oil Review

Luna is the first over night oil created by Sunday and with good reason, she wanted it to be perfect! Like many products this one contains Retinol but what makes this one unique is that it is a sister form called Retinol Ester, a less abrasive form which results in less irritation. This makes it perfect for a variety of skin types from sensitive, oily or dry this little guy has got you covered. 

The Retinol is housed in an oil form because creams allow too much oxygen to come into contact with it and this breaks it down making it less effective. The oil sucks out the troublesome oxygen making the Retinol more powerful, clever huh! 

The oil is also this weird greeny/blue colour which can be a little off putting. But this colour is completely natural and caused by the Blue Tansy flower. The colour acts like a kind of indicator and the more you rub the more it has sunk into the skin and the more the colour will fade! 

Another fun fact is the reason the bottle is blue! Not just because it is called Luna, it is actually to stop harmful UVA rays penetrating the bottle and breaking down the Retinol. Retinol is obviously very sensitive and at £85.00 so it should! 

Now maybe you think I am being biased and perhaps you would have been right, but that was before I actually tried it. I have been gently rubbing this on to my cleansed face for about two weeks and the results are just amazing. My acne scaring is fading. Fine lines on my forhead are reducing and the texture of my skin is silky soft - almost glowing! 

So the final question is would I buy this again....My answer = If I could only ever use one thing on my face again this would be the it, I honestly don't think I can live without it!

Have you tried anything from Sunday Riley?

Stay Beautiful

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