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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Rain Rain Go Away!

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It is raining again and I can't say I am too chuffed about it. No sooner do I banish my winter coats and settle down to eat fish & chips by the sea side when it decides summer is over! This is not what I signed up for, continuous rain. I am getting taxis to the tube stations rather than risk getting my suede shoes wet, always thinking it is a good idea when I slip them on in the morning. Unlike this picture I do not relish the rain drops that make my mascara run and my silk tops see through. Basically I need to invest in an umbrella, preferably one that does not blow inside out at every gust, is small enough to fit in my bag and please make one with a cute print. Black is depressing!!!!!

 So yeah, readers I do not like rain!!! 

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  1. I agree the rain is so annoying especially as it makes my hair so frizzy! Hopefully the weather will improve soon :) xx

    1. Hi Lucy,

      I couldn't agree more! I actually have discovered a perfect product to fight that frizz. I will write a post soon! Thank you for visiting, I love your blog too!! xx